Renaissance 3D visuals

The real thing and better

Renaissance artists were in the game of realism as much as 3D artists are today. They may even have used lenses to get to their results (Hockney-Falco thesis). Eventhough we may still use glass lenses today, 3D realism is exclusively digital -no glass at all.
Digital tools have unique, spectacular qualities; 3D (cgi) tunes and overclocks reality, and makes it look even better than the real thing. 3D in the tradition of the Renaissance: to render perfection.

Dutchbaker photorealistic 3d visuals

I set the "Renaissance 3D" visuals up in Modo and I use the render engines of Modo or Octane. I like to keep post-production minimal; depending on the situation, I solve everything in 3D completely and then just let the 3D scene render long... A slight lighting adjustment in Lightroom may be necessary to make the pictures look natural after it has rendered.

Dutchbaker hyper-realistic 3d product visuals

Dutchbaker photorealistic 3d visuals in physically correct light

The physically correct rendering of light through a 3D glass prism.







3D design: prototyping the future

3D becomes molecules once more

It's great to see how 3D design just keeps unfolding into new dimensions. One thing I like about desktop 3D printing is the speed and ease of developing an idea, one iteration after another... Below: 7/8 inch cubic booleans. Available in metal at Shapeways or get in touch for a signed set (iteration / limited edition) along with a certificate of authenticity. Right now the series is Solid, Bold and Regular.

Dutchbaker prototyping 3d designs

Dutchbaker design chess set

Dutchbaker design chess set

In 2016 I designed this hard-edge geometric chess set using a 3D modeller with a 3D printer to develop each piece, iteration by iteration...

2020 Construcivist's chess-set update

With alterations in design and a new strategy to make the pieces, I am now getting on with this project. I am 3D printing molds for the six different pieces. Then I will choose the material I will use to cast the pieces. I am keeping you updated...


  I make "Renaissance 3D" visuals in 3D Modo and Octane. I keep post-production to a minimum; depending on the situation, I solve everything in 3D and let it render... When that's done, only a slight tweak in Lightroom or Photoshop make it perfect. Below: large and highly detailed "Renaissance 3d" photorealistic visuals. (The linked images are up to 1 Mb in size)